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What should I keep in mind as I start visiting universities?

Asked Kearny, New Jersey

I have to start visiting information sessions about colleges, like attending an information session about Dartmouth College in an upcoming week. Since this is my first ever information session, what should I keep in mind as I am about to attend one? I want to know how it would more or less go at an information session. Also, if there are some really good questions I should ask. #college #advice #helping-others #dartmouth #campus-visit

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Robin’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

When visiting universities you want to take the following into account:

size of the school - depending on your personality you may not do well on large campus settings. Too many students, too many activities, competition, popularity amongst other female students etc. Look for schools that fit your personality especially if it the first time away from home. Look at what the universities and colleges has to offer. Look at their graduating rates; how many scholarships and grants are give to students Check www.college.usnews,rankingsandreviews.com