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My Career goal statement is I will have my clothing brand and modeling business on the right track

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3 answers

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Muhammad’s Answer

That's awesome! you've already taken the first step toward making your dream a reality.

I would advice adding some tangible metrics to your goal.

For example I would rephrase the goal in the following way:
I will have my clothing brand and modeling business on the right track by:
- Gaining xxxx Instagram followers by xx/xx/xx date
- Having xx site visits daily
- Selling merchandise at xxxxx store by xx/xx/xx date

Making your goal more specific allows you to gauge yourself. Understand how far you've gotten and what else still needs to get done.

Good luck!
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Dynesy’s Answer

Congratulations! As we know that 99% of startups will fail, only 1% can survive and become stronger. So we need to validate everything step by step.
Step 1: Setup "Value Proposition". It means that choose the detailed value you want to deliver to your customer. The customer doesn't care about your product/cloth, he/she cares about himself/herself. Ensure you can provide the values to the customer or you can solve customer's problems.
Step 2: After "Value Propostion" confirmed, find the related customer segments. Even if it is a big product, it can't serve for everyone on the earth. Actually the big product was also growing from small product. So find multiple customer segements for your value proposition.
Step 3: List all the scenarios (including time, place) that each customer segement may encounter the problems
Step 4: List all the elements of each problem, all of them are hypothesis, use quantitative or qualitative questions to describe the problem. For example: the traffic from home to office is horrible, the elements for this problem could be: How long time the person could take from home to office? What is the transporation tool the person take? Which city does the person live? etc.
Step 5: For these questions to validate the hypothesis, design the interview questions, and then go out of the building, interview your customers directly. For each customer segment, 10 people could be a reasonable number for you to validate the hypothesis.
Finally you will get the high value feedback from your interviews.
One book is recommended to read: "The Lean Startup"
Good luck to you!
Best regards,
Dynesy Yuan
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Keith’s Answer

Congratulations. That is a very ambitious goal, but there are plenty of success stories. Figure out your style.. carve out a niche or unmet need to differentiate yourself. Be creative, but also focus attention on developing your craft. Develop alliances with partners equally interested in your vision.

Get in front of a camera. Get behind the camera. Learn from others and ask lots of questions. Be willing to start small, at the bottom. Respect the art.