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Do all lawyers work in courts or in courthouses?

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I am a junior in high school. I am looking to apply to colleges next summer and just wanted to get a heads up to see what I was aiming for. #attorney #lawyers

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Andrea’s Answer


Lawyers don't have to go to court.

-Litigation is one type of law.

-There are other specialties that wouldn't involve representing a "client" in court.

Examples of occupations
-Lawyers can work for the "state" representing the state in cases. (they would go to court)
-Lawyers can represent those who cannot afford an attorney - public defender. (they would go to court)
-Lawyers can work as "in-house counsel" and perform a variety of functions (e.g. contracts, human resources, litigation, etc) (they may or may not go to court)
-Lawyers can work for law firms - law firms provide independent legal advice for a fee. Law firms can specialize in a particular area of the law or have a varied practice where a large group of attorneys cover several specialties. (some of these lawyers may go to court)

I am what is referred to as "in house counsel". I've worked for the same firm for many years (even before I went to law school). In my current role as legal counsel for the firm, I don't need to go to court. I review and negotiate agreements and my client is a corporation, not a person.

Best wishes in pursuit of your career!

Thank you for your advice! Hamid W.