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What is the most difficult task a genetic counselor has to do?

Asked Rochester, New York

I want to know the challenges about genetic counseling. #clinical-psychology #genetics

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Sandra’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

An important question to think about before entering any career, and I think the overarching answer for GCs is 'recognizing what you can accept/change and what you cannot accept/change before you develop compassion fatigue', a common problem in all the caring professions. No one can do it all but so many GCs/MDs/RNs/medical social workers try, and then get burnt out because it's impossible to solve every patient's every problem. The specific details depend on the area of practice (and some issues are more recurrently challenging than others) but over time it's frustrating to repeatedly encounter medical hierarchy who don't respect your broad expertise but want you to see all the patients no one else has time/interest for; patients who don't keep appointments but then need emergency work-ins; states that limit birth control/termination options/prenatal care and also don't offer good services for those with special needs; insurance companies that require endless paperwork before denying coverage; pharmaceutical companies that charge outrageous prices; media that misrepresents your career, etc A supportive support system, both at work and at home, is valuable. The work team can help avoid logistical miscues and provide co-professional support (a good relationship with scheduling, billing and social services is vital!). The home team offers you caring and emotional support. All medical professionals are desperately needed but in choosing a career, it's important to carefully consider the frustrations as well as the joys.