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Sandra Peacock

Laboratory Genetic Counselor at Baylor Miraca Medical Genetics Laboratories
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Houston, Texas
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Isobel’s Avatar
Isobel Mar 20, 2018 580 views

What does a day in the life of a Genetics Counselor generally look like?

Over the years, I've found that I have a knack and a keen interest in Biology, or more specifically, genetics. Recently I've been looking into the career of a Genetics Counselor, and even though I've done some research, what I've found doesn't really tell me a lot about what a Genetics...

Laura’s Avatar
Laura Mar 16, 2018 834 views

Will the field of genetics be detrimental to my personal beliefs?

I am planning to pursue a #STEM degree in either #genetics or #molecular-biology, but I am afraid that my field will be filled with people who are actively trying to cure #autism which is not something that can be cured, but is just a different mind type with a wide range of symptoms and...

Jada’s Avatar
Jada Jan 17, 2018 833 views

Are there any outlets for socialization or working with people in the fields of genetics/biomedical science?

I'm in love with biomedical engineering and genetics/genomics, but I also tend to be a social butterfly. I'm concerned that the constant lab work and studies will keep me from interacting with people and forming stable workplace relationships. My parents have suggested the profession of genetic...

Caroline’s Avatar
Caroline Feb 03, 2017 1041 views

When deciding upon the Genetic Counselor career were you more interested in the research and application of knowledge or the counseling aspect?

I am a high school senior who has researched Genetic Counseling as a potential career interest. One question that seems to never be answered is if the Genetic Counselor's were more intrigued with the research aspect of the job or with dealing with the patients. This is important for me because...

Savannah’s Avatar
Savannah Oct 23, 2016 794 views

Are genetics an important study for STEM jobs?

Just wanting to get in the field. #science #genetics

Nell’s Avatar
Nell Oct 19, 2016 969 views

What is the most difficult task a genetic counselor has to do?

I want to know the challenges about genetic counseling. #clinical-psychology #genetics

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Oct 20, 2016 893 views

Is there any practical overlap between environmental science and genetics?

Relating to careers and jobs. #genetics #ecology #conservation

Cleone’s Avatar
Cleone Apr 12, 2016 2241 views

How can I increase my chances on getting into a Genetic Counselor training program in college?

I'm High School Junior student from Rhode Island. My life career is to become a genetic counselor. I know that getting into a Genetic Counselor training program is pretty competitive, but I want information on how can I increase my chances. It would be exceptional if I can find free pre-college...