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How can I increase my chances on getting into a Genetic Counselor training program in college?

I'm High School Junior student from Rhode Island. My life career is to become a genetic counselor. I know that getting into a Genetic Counselor training program is pretty competitive, but I want information on how can I increase my chances. It would be exceptional if I can find free pre-college classes on biology, psychology, medicine, and counseling. #career #medicine #biology #counseling #genetics #genetic-counseling

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Sandra’s Answer

So great to see you're exploring this early-there's a huge need for genetic counselors! The National Society for Genetic Counselors has a webpage on "what is a genetic counselor" and it answers some of your questions and also has a link to a download about how to become a genetic counselor: http://nsgc.org/p/cm/ld/fid=43 . Entry into a certified Genetic Counseling Master's Degree program is usually only done after you achieve your bachelor's degree because it is so highly competitive; all the college-level courses you mention will be valuable. You may also want to see if your local medical center has a geneticist or genetic counselor whom you can shadow whether now or during college. This helps you become familiar with the different type of GCs and they can help mentor you further.

Thank you so much, this helped alot. Cleone M.

thank you so much Ranjith A.

thank you mr sandra Gobinath P.