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What is the most rewarding part of being a genetic counselor?

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3 answers

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Emily’s Answer

The best part about being a genetic counselor (coming from a second year student) is being able to support the patient/their family in any way needed, whether that be helping them find support groups, empowering them by giving information, referring them to specialists, or simply listening to them share about their lives with you. Genetic counseling is the perfect mix of science, teaching, and caring for people.

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Caitlin’s Answer

The are many rewarding parts of being a genetic counselor such as patient care, education, and patient navigation. We have the unique opportunity to help walk a patient and family through receiving a diagnosis and managing the follow- up care. Many of the rewarding parts are also challenging parts. We are in this field for patient care and patient advocacy. We are interacting with patients and families in a moment of crisis and as much as we would like to help and solve this crisis, sometimes the best thing we can offer is empathy, compassion, and our time.

Another benefit of this field is the many directions and various career opportunities that are opening up for genetic counselors. There are options research options, telemedicine options, academic options, laboratory options, etc.

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Priyadarshini’s Answer

I will be very fortunate to work as a Genetic Counsellor. It is about patient interaction, helping small kids and counselling patients