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I want to create devises that assist people in reaching their peak performance in sports. Besides majoring in Kinesiology, what other majors or classes should I take?

I am a swimmer and have always been interested in how our trainers and coaches have small adjustments to our stroke that can change how my body feels. I want to help other people reach their full potential, like my coaches have done for me - but on a broader scale. I love art, math, physics - and would like to be able to put all of those into my career path. #physical #trainer #kinesiologist

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Stibens’s Answer

Hi Katie,

That's a very good question.
The way I would like to answer this question is in two ways:
The first would be if you are looking to design a device then you focus should be biotechnology, biomechanics or biotronics. This areas of study are essential to the development of performance enhancement technology.
Another are of study I would focus on if behavioral sciences that focus on movement not just a sport but also as an art form. In my practice I've noticed that the best results weather it si to enhance performance or prevent/correct Injury is by changing the behavior/ movement pattern of the sport practiced.

Best of luck.

Happy to help if you have more questions.
#injury prevention, #changingtheway, #kinesioogy, #education, #biomechanics