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Why do we have to study and get an education?

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4 answers

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Dana’s Answer

Hi there! What I have learned until now, is that education is what makes us change and improve.

At school, you get connected with many new people and many new subjects. You have a better chance at:
1. Meeting new friends to have fun with :)
2. Meeting kind teachers who give you great advice and inspire you <3
3. Discovering new things that you can do or learn!

By studying, you realize what you like to do more and what you would like to do in the future. For example, if you liked biology, you might realize you want to become a doctor. If you liked reading a certain genre of books, you start reading more of that genre and it becomes your passion.

Learning helps us discover our interests, and by discovering them, you discover what you enjoy and you'd like to do in the future.
It's okay to not like all subjects. It's okay to be great at some things and find it hard to learn other things. This happens to everyone and it's important to keep working for what you want to achieve, or work on finding out what you would like to achieve.

Through education, everyone discovers what they're best at and what they like. Because they like something very much, people will want to work harder at that thing and get involved. This makes them feel motivated and happy.

I hope this helped, good luck with your studies! <3
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Smaran’s Answer

Hi Bhargav, This will be a long answer. :-p

I will try to answer this question as a fellow Indian. I see why you might have asked this question, Our education system can be tough sometimes with all the Subjects, Exams, Grades. I also felt same when I was young.

I will speak from my own experiences, "My great grand father was educated a little and it was before Pre-Independence, He made his kids go to school who are my grand parents now, with that education they knew how to read and write in mother tongue at least, my grand parents lives improved compared to my great grand father, my grand father was the first generation that worked as Government employee post-Independence. My Grand parents encouraged my parents to study more, they got even better education, they could speak and write English too and they were able to secure far better job and lead better lives than my grand parents, and my parents gave me and my sister a professional education, we are working in reputed companies with good salary and our lives have improved far better than my parents used to lead during their 20s". This is the a simple story and is same for almost every Indian or human in the planet who make their kids study and grow.

Education is not about just getting handsome job and comfortable life, It will help us to understand what is good and what is bad.
1. Maths helps us to understand numbers around us - Don't you want to have good financial background?
2. Science helps to understand how world works around us, whether it is Biology, Physics, Chemistry - Don't you want to know how your body works and how your gaming console/smartphone works, how birds flies, how trees grow, why air is like that, water is like this, metals are like that OR invent a new thing or discover something new.
3. Social helps to understand what is world around us looks like, History tells us what happened in past that shaped us like this now. - Don't you want to hear the stories about great wars fought and great people who did so much for the betterment of our lives, You also need to know who are all there in this beautiful planet, their country, their culture, Don't you want to travel to all those places and meet new people?

All these fundamental subjects shape our lives our careers in future and our thinking, helps you to take right decisions and lead a comfortable independent life whether you work in company or you start a new company on your own or work in a position that helps to change your community and the world.

To make all of this to happen you need EDUCATION my friend. ;-)

Do not study for grades, Learn what is in the books and around you, be curious, that will help you understand world around you better. :-)
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Taheri’s Answer

I will break up that in six points:

1) You’ll figure out where your passions lie
2) You’ll expand your interests
3) You can study on your terms
4) You’ll be able to quantify your skills
5) You’ll have more career options
6) You could earn more money

I hope the above will motivate you to study.
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Ogechukwu’s Answer

If you hate Education because of exams then its will be better if you begin to view exams from a better angle as a means to prove that you got the information passed across. Without Education, the world wouldn't have made a single shift, everybody will die with there thoughts, knowledge won't be passed across and maybe you would hate the world at large by then. I wish you success in your exams sweetie, just let the lecturer know that you got their Information.