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What careers are available for those with a bachelor's in nursing?

I am planning on getting a bachelors in nursing and then going on to receive a masters. However, I am not totally sure what I would like to do with these degrees. #nursing #in #bachelors

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1 answer

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John ’s Answer

  1. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse

Work with people with psychiatric problems in hospitals or psychiatric wards and prisons.

  1. Physician’s Office Nurse

Work directly with people and the job tends to be 9 to 5.

  1. Nurse Case Manager

You will need an MSN degree for this role.

  1. Nursing Informatics Specialist

This requires an MSN degree specialization.

  1. School Nurse

Work directly with children. You will have some time off during school holidays.

  1. Legal Consultancy Nurse

Relates to the handling of medical malpractice cases.

  1. Research Nurse

Gives you the opportunity to pave the way for the future.

  1. Diabetes Management Nurse

Work directly with people with diabetes, helping them manage their condition.

  1. Cruise Ship Nurse

This is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to travel the world. You will generally have a reasonably low workload, but you do have to be on call around the clock.

  1. Camp Nurse

Work in summer camps involving children. However, there are also increasing numbers of health-related camps, such as those for people who are overweight.

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