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Alisha’s Avatar
Alisha May 17, 2016 2415 views

What that best field to study in the world of tech in terms of job opportunities?

I'm torn between choosing just Computer Science, or Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Systems, Cyber-security, Computer Forensics...I know I want to be a tech major...but which one??

Ty ’s Avatar
Ty Oct 29, 2016 2530 views

What sacrifice does it takes to become a successful engineer?

I'm asking this question because I'm curios about how much time an engineer sacrifice to work on their project. #engineer #experts

Albert’s Avatar
Albert Dec 10, 2016 1028 views

What is computer science? Is it worth getting into?

My high school has recently started up a computer science program, and I'm thinking of taking a few classes. What kind of stuff do you do as a computer engineer? Should I get into it even if I'm not very technologically adept? #computer-science #computer-software #engineering

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Oct 28, 2016 902 views

What tasks would any Engineer do?

I've heard of Engineers before, but I just don't know what they do in their lives; like do they work in industries, do they own their own businesses, or do they work in low paying jobs? #engineering

Abdulwahab’s Avatar
Abdulwahab Jan 28, 2017 880 views

Are there other things you are expected to do outside work hours?

As a Financial or Accountant, are there other things you are expected to do outside work hours?
#business #finance #accounting

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Oct 19, 2016 806 views

What are the different job opportunities for different nursing careers?

For example, what specific job types could a Physician's Assistant get, or an R.N., etc. #nursing #nursing-education #school-nursing #nursing-administration #nursing-careers

Anh’s Avatar
Anh Oct 29, 2016 703 views

What courses do I need for aerospace engineering?

I'm currently a high school junior. I want to know the courses I need for an aerospace engineering degree. #engineering

Long’s Avatar
Long Oct 23, 2016 6408 views

Do international students need to own a green card in order to work as a doctor in the U.S?

I'm a student from Vietnam currently studying at the U.S, Texas and want to study biochemistry as my major and maybe become a pharmacist or a doctor in the future. #medicine #biochemistry

Alaina’s Avatar
Alaina Oct 21, 2016 717 views

What careers are available for those with a bachelor's in nursing?

I am planning on getting a bachelors in nursing and then going on to receive a masters. However, I am not totally sure what I would like to do with these degrees. #nursing #in #bachelors

Kenneth’s Avatar
Kenneth Oct 22, 2016 814 views

What are some of the daily responsibilities a Pharmacist might expect?

I am looking into several different types of Engineering degrees as well as possibly going to Pharmacy school. I know a lot about Engineering through my high school course of study, but I don't know enough about Pharmaceuticals. I would like to know more information about on the job experience....

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Oct 22, 2016 1288 views

What is biomedical engineering?

I'm interested in this career but i'm unsure of what it is exactly. #science #biomedical-engineering

Richard’s Avatar
Richard Oct 22, 2016 966 views

How should I prepare for a career in Game Design?

I wish to go into a career of Game Design and Programming. I want to be fully prepared for college so I know what I'm doing before I go in; also, I want to create small portfolio of simple games to show that I have some knowledge in the field. What kind of things should I do to become more...

Vera’s Avatar
Vera Oct 21, 2016 1206 views

How can I publish a book?

I have written a novel and need some help figuring out how to publish it. #writing #author #literature #publishing #online-publishing

Belsabeth’s Avatar
Belsabeth Oct 23, 2016 733 views

what is the level of pressure when working as a physical therapist?

career interest #physics #physical-therapist #physical

Irieanna ’s Avatar
Irieanna Oct 23, 2016 982 views

What majors should I take in college if I want to be a anesthesiologist?

I am a sophomore in high school and am confused on what I should major in if I want to be a anesthesiologist. #medicine #biology #anesthesiology