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What are some effective and progressive jobs in the environmental sustainability field?

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My major is in environmental science. I am striving to really change the world as much as I possibly can in this field, making huge changes toward environmental sustainability and creating more positive effects on humankind's ecological footprint. Thanks so much! #environmental-science #environmental #environment #sustainability #earth #ecological #make-a-change

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I have a perspective for you.
I am graduating in a week with my B.A.S. in Sustainability Management. My undergrad was A.S. Engineering Tech.

Find your favorite aspect about "going green" that you enjoy the most. It's great to have a broad view. My major didn't drill very deep into a specific career path... At least that's how I designed it. I wanted to know everything and so I worked part-time so I could learn the most.

I really enjoy:
renewable energy and energy efficiency
the food side- my senior project is titled, The Urban Farming Revolution.
supply chain management

You have to find your passion. The school work helps, but use school to diversify your knowledge. Use your time outside of school to find what you want to impact. Use the coursework to discover deeper into your interests- ie. write papers on your "thing."

I pitched Grizzly Greens, my vegan food truck concept, twice last year; once at SPC and once at UT's education day event. I found passion in creating the marketing plan in Marketing Management. In Sustainable Business Strategies, for 16 weeks I was able to create an E-portfolio of different business-related material- audits, more marketing, Life cycle analysis, purchasing, etc. for the food truck idea. I have since changed my mind about starting a food truck. I think my efforts are better applied elsewhere at this point in my life and I'm still searching for the next thing. Although, my cousin and best friend would probably still do it if I reignited that fire.

I'm interested in off-grid living, waste stream management, and eco-travel. I'd still pursue my original idea 5 years ago- solar panel installation. I'm at a crossroads now. I will be pursuing LEED certification soon. I'm interested in virtual reality- Microsoft Hololens and I'd really like to start a Youtube channel very soon. My interests are very broad and it helps me see the world better.

However, a regret I have is that I didn't pursue the free Supply Chain Management courses at SPC when the grant was still open. Try to do as much as you can, but don't overload yourself.

Hope this helps!