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Does College Have class everyday like highschool?

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3 answers

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Kim’s Answer

Usually, no.
The regular schedule is normally Tues/Thurs for 1.5 hrs or M/W/F for 1 hr.
Night classes are sometimes once a week for 3 hrs.
Summer session is usually different. We had a 5 week semester where classes met every day. It requires a lot of self discipline as the pace is very rapid.

All that being said, some schools do some creative scheduling, so it's important to look at the school information.

Try to plan your classes around your body's biorhythms. Don't take an 8 am class if your brain doesn't wake up until 10. Especially don't take more difficult subjects early in the morning unless you are a morning person! Try to schedule some free time between classes. Don't take more than 2 classes back-to-back. Also consider a free time that is at least 2 class periods long. It will give you time to eat, check your phone, and get some studying in.

Oh, and since schools sometimes open scheduling according to class standing, with seniors going first, try to have some backup classes picked in case everything you want is full by the time you get to do your scheduling. Must be flexible!
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Katy’s Answer

In college you choose your work load.
Attending college part time would probably not require a commitment every day (except maybe studying).
A normal full-time course load in college is 12 -15ish credits or 4-5 classes. Generally speaking, If a class is worth 3 credits it will require less work and will meet less often than a 5 credit class. When you sign up for classes each class has a scheduled meeting times and you can sign up for the times that fit you best. It is completely possible to take a full time course load and not have to attend class 5 days a week. However, it is worth noting that in college you are required to do more work outside of class. So just because you don't go to class doesn't mean you won't need to attend lab hours, office hours or study.
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Preetham’s Answer

This is completely based on which classes you want to take during a semester. At least at my college, usually classes are either offered Tu/Th (1.5 hours of lecture each day), or M/W/F (1 hour of lecture each day) and in a normal schedule where you are taking 3 or 4 classes, it might be like 3 hours of lecture at most each day. Sometimes however, you might end up having all of your classes on Tu/Th or M/W/F just because they are all offered on the same day.

However, on top of just your lecture hours, many classes will have discussions or labs and at least what I would recommend is putting those on days where you don't have as much lectures since it will help you maintain a balanced schedule (though I do know some people who put everything on one or two days and have a more free schedule for the remainder of the week).

And at the end of the day, while you only are taking a small number of classes each quarter/semester, and there are not nearly as many hours of classes as in high school, each class will typically require more outside of class work whether it be readings, homework assignments, studying for exams, or just taking extra time to understand material so its not unusual to be doing some work every day of the week even if you aren't attending classes.