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Have jobs in the food industry gotten more scarce during the pandemic?

(I'm 16 and would like to gain experience and cook in a restaurant) #chef #career #job

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3 answers

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Blake’s Answer


Yes they did diminish during the pandemic. However, now that we are seeing establishments opening up again, it should begin to bounce back to what it was prior to the pandemic.


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Anthony’s Answer

Job availability of course will vary from one location to another, but now that it seems that we are rounding the corner of the pandemic, many locations are opening up for indoor dining and expanding their operating hours. At the same time, some workers that worked in food service before the pandemic have transitioned away to other fields or have moved away from the city. As a result of increased restaurant demand and decreased worker supply, there is currently an imbalance of jobs to workers: there are simply too many jobs available for a smaller pool of available workers. It's certainly a fascinating thing to be witnessing right now, as it is forcing many employers to offer signing bonuses to newly hired employees or to raise their starting wages in order to attract new hires. The powers of supply and demand economics are certainly at play right now.

All that is to say: if you are looking for a job in the food service industry right now, the job market is in your favor, as you are more valuable to employers now than you might have been before the pandemic. This is a generalization, of course; best of luck in your job search!

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Samantha’s Answer

Yes but it seems to be getting better with time.