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What math field would be the best to explore for me?

I enjoy math as a whole and have always thought about something with statistics. I also really enjoy sports so a combination of the 2 would be cool. #math #sports #college

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Lucas W. How awesome that you are showing an interest in math!!

I happen to do a good amount of work in statistics. To be clear, I think it is a great way to open my understanding on why things happen, why things change and how to estimate when those changes will occur.

As a practical matter, I suggest that gaining strength in algebra is a good start. The general idea of having to solve for a missing value, which is included in learning algebra, can be a good stepping stone to understanding trends that appear in statistical analysis. I think the other awesome thing about getting good foot hold in statistics is the fact that it can be used in many, many career lanes. The demand for knowing and understanding data includes the fundamentals of statistics. I imagine that having this skill set and being able to apply it to various parts of the sports world ( I am thinking car-racing and who does the fastest lap, batting averages and who has the best ones....for example :)) would not only be exciting but as you mentioned "would be cool".

I hope you find his answer helpful. Best of luck to you!