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What programs are recommended for those going into automotive engineering?

Asked Ruckersville, Virginia

I'm a prospective automotive college student and I want to be sure I'm getting the most out of my education and not shortchanging myself or my future employers by not being as prepared as I could be. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #automotive

2 answers

Anthony’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

Sorry this isn't direct answer, but I would compare the Automotive Engineering program to the Mechanical Engineering program and see if the ME program makes you a little more well rounded. I feel ME's can work in most fields but Automotive Engineers may not have the same flexibility. Either way, I would get involved in the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Lab as much as possible. Don't join just to put it on a resume, really get involved. Then, take any and all electives in the automotive fields, my school offered a few engine classes. Finally, if you take take gearing classes it will be a big help. Hope this helps, Good Luck.

Hemant’s Answer

Updated Cincinnati, Ohio
The Program to select depends on the What area of Interest do you focus more on? Is it Engine Related, Chassis and Structural Frame or Automotive Interiors? If you would like to further your research interests, then selecting Automotive program suits you the best. If it's not the case then ME is the best option as it allows you to experience the various potential possibles options if you change your mind later.