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What is the daily life of a Structural Engineer and is it a good field to get into? And why?

I am planning on achieving a bachelors degree in Structural Engineering. It sounds like it is a career that would interest me but I'd like to find a little more out about the job. #civil-engineering #bachelors-degree #civil

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1 answer

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DAVID’s Answer

  1. is it a good field - yes, all aspects of a project design relies on a structural engineer...concrete, steel, wind loads, balance the civil, electrical, environment, process and architectural aspects....a complete package to put out to bid

  2. find out some research, talk to a structural engineer

  3. note...structural is a lot of computer answers, not glorious since no on sees your work...rebar in concrete for instance

  4. structural is very technical, high risk as noted by past structural failures, but someone has to do it
    but you have to be career driven by personal satisfaction to be a real designer
    think about it