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What’s it like to be a dentist?

I’m in high school and I love science and biology. I think dentistry might be right for me.
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2 answers

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Lindsey’s Answer

Hi Danny,

Dentistry is an extremely rewarding career. I find that for me it is the perfect balance of art and science. I, like you, truly enjoyed all the sciences in high school. I love to learn and with dentistry I am always learning new things. There are always new techniques and products coming out. Also, we cannot forget about the patients! It is a privilege to literally help people feel comfortable and confident smiling. That is truly the best part of my day!

Being a dentist can have its challenges too. If you own your own practice, being a small business owner can be daunting.
Besides doing dentistry, owner dentists are a lot of time their own HR department. They hire, fire and manage employees. Owner dentists also oversee all the payments coming in and bills going out.

Dentistry is a wonderful profession. I encourage you to call around to your local dental offices and shadow. That will give you the best view of what it’s like to be a dentist.
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Shalini’s Answer

Hello Danny!!
Dentistry in general is a good career, Whether it is the right choice for you or not depends on your skills, interests, determination.
In the initial days of the career you will have to work hard to fetch a name in the market. Once it's done then consider it as a smooth ride.
With time you will gain both experience and patients for yourself .
There are two sides for every coin likewise dentistry comes with its own pros and cons. Flexibility in timings, income , reputation are some of the pros and cons include long duration of study and bigger investment for setting up a clinic.
In conclusion, Dentistry is a great career with a good work-life balance .