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Which choice of engineering would be harder: eletrical or civil?

Im considering going into one of these. Is there any insight or help you could give. #engineering #electrical #civil

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3 answers

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DAVID’s Answer

what is better an apple or an orange, lets not judge a future career by what is harder, this means nothing, what do YOU want as a career. both are hard because you must study and learn different skills. Electrical engineer - design work with electricity, wires, motors, control panels, power distribution. Civil engineer design work with water, roads, pipes, pumps. Both very different so spend some time researching, visit a local design firm in your city, ask, learn. Once you decide the next two years of engineering school are completely different.

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Peter’s Answer

As far as Spelling goes, Quinn, Electrical Engineering appears to be more challenging for you :)

You are really posing the wrong question, Quinn. The more important question is: Which Field of Engineering appeals to you? Both fields provide grand opportunity to do exciting things. It is important that you enter a field that you are intensely enthusiastic about. An engineering curriculum is tough and you'll need your enthusiasm to see things though all the way to College Graduation and beyond. So I encourage you to seek out and ask a Civil Engineer and an Electrical Engineer how they view their jobs. Do some reading about both careers. And know that Engineering in general is a highly rewarding career.

Pete Sturtevant, PE

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Simon’s Answer

Hard is a relative response. If you enjoy doing something, working hard is not an issue because you enjoy doing what you are doing. Engineering is generally not considered an easy curriculum, ....that being said, chemical engineering is considered the hardest and most challenging, while civil/industrial engineering he least. Primarily because the technology and design practices for civil and mechanical are more established where chemical engineering s working with more unknowns. So, what I wold suggest is pursue the engineering field that you have the most interest in, and go for it. I was a mechanical engineer working in teh chemical industry for almost 40 years and its been a great career.

Simon recommends the following next steps:

investigate the four main engineering programs (civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical) and see what interest you the most.