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What classes should I take in high school to prepare for a math degree in college?

I would like to go to college for either a actuarial science degree or a degree in education with a minor in mathematics. My high school offers numerous AP and CAPP math classes, and I would like to know which ones I should take to be prepared. #career-counseling #college-student #college-professor

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2 answers

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Rao’s Answer

When you are in high school, you will be exposed to. a variety of math concepts such as algebra,geometry,trigonometry,calculus. While statistics is not called "math" it does include a lot of math. I also suggest to talk to your high counselor to see if your school can create a "business math" education, the kind of math which. needed by business majors.

Hope that helps.

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Matthew’s Answer

I've had a lot of good friends graduate with various math-related degrees in college. I'm not sure what your high school offers, but I'd encourage you to obviously take all the math classes they have, including statistics and calculus. I'd also strongly encourage physics, economics, or an engineering class because these classes not only apply math principles, but also make you critically think about how to apply math in real situations. If you enjoy to study math and get a degree in it, you'll have a bright future.