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what is the coolest surgery a cardiothoracic surgeon has done?

I want to be a cardiothoracic surgeon when I grow up. I think it is the coolest field of career and I would love to know more about it. #doctor #surgery #hospital #cardiothoracic

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Ji’s Answer

There are many life-saving operations a cardiothoracic surgeon will do in the course of his or her career. To restore health to somebody who is on the point of death is the greatest and most rewarding experience I have ever had. The most ecstatic feeling for me was when I was performing a heart transplant operation on a young patient with terminal heart disease. I flew by helicopter to a hospital 200 miles away to remove a donor heart from an accident victim. In the meantime, my team at the base hospital was preparing for the recipient operation. When I arrived back at the hospital with the preserved organ, we were ready to proceed. I removed the patient's damaged heart and replaced it with the donor heart. As soon as the operation was complete, the heart started to beat. It was the most amazing feeling to see this. Subsequently the patient recovered well and lived happily for years. To me, this was the most satisfying operation for me to have performed.