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what is the best way to enter the architecture field ?

I'm a 16-year-old girl, I would say that I am a creative person. Right now I attend a high school where my focus is architecture, which is the field that I am thinking of going into. #architect

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2 answers

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Romina’s Answer

Find a local architect. Ask if you could spend a few hours with him/her at work just shadowing. That'll determine whether you really want to enter that field.

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Christopher’s Answer

See if there are any architecture associations in your area - like the AIA. Or, if there is a school or college in your area - see if there is an Architectural Association for students. These are great ways to network and meet others either already in or on their way in to the profession. If there isn't anything like that in your area, see if you can start something like that and build your network from the ground up.

Being creative for architecture is very important, but I would add that it's equally important to be a creative problem solver. A large part of architecture is solving problems - figuring out how to make your ideas work in the built environment. Good luck!