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What does the STEM area include?

I would like to know what this area is like. #business #medicine

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3 answers

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Jasdeep’s Answer


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Greg’s Answer

Hello Abbi,

STEM includes Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). A very good reference site is: https://www.ed.gov/stem

STEM programs focus on providing a foundation in math and the sciences to prepare you for high tech degrees and jobs. As programs can vary from school to school you will want to talk to your guidance department to discover the specifics for your program. The program will typically have required courses in math and science that will vary depending on the focus area you feel you are interested in (i.e.: Engineering/Sciences/Computers) combined with electives that allow you to explore specifics within each discipline (like programming for computers, biology or chemistry for the sciences, etc.).

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Tre’s Answer

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Science jobs include: Chemist, scientist, ecologist, lab analyst, etc.
Technology jobs include: Application developer, data base analyst, data architect, data privacy analyst, data quality analyst
Engineering jobs include: Manufacturing Engineer, mechanical engineering, systems engineering, etc.
Math jogs include: teaching, data analyst, research analyst, actuary , Mathematical Statistician, etc.

Any one of these fields would be good to go into.