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What are major obstacles pharmacists face?

I am a Jr. in Highschool and Im looking into becoming a pharmacist. #medicine #pharmacy #pharmacists

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Holly’s Answer

I apologize," I said. "There is no excuse for making you wait like that." I had promised this woman that she would not have to wait more than 10 minutes. It was now close to half an hour. I had forgotten her, left her dangling in the wind. This is a description from an actual pharmicist.

"I can see that you're busy," she said, "But you did promise." She gave me a face, like a lover who had been deceived. "I'm not mad, though." She shook her finger at me. This is a gesture that I don't like and will resist every time. I am a pharmacist. A medical professional. This time, I took it like a man. I tolerated the wagging finger PEOPLE behaving badly, Sick people who have contagious diseases. You will have vaccines to help with that.
"I am sorry." What else could I say? I wouldn't promise 10 minutes to the next person. The waiting time had increased to an hour. Even Leslie Gore, singing "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to," didn't get me to lighten up. My company plays 1950s and '60s music all day. Very smart. People spend money when they feel good, and the boomers from those decades have the money. Finally, this attractive blonde gave me a winning grin.

Insurance, issues, if you are there and the tech is not. You will have to run insurance cards. You must be carful to fill proper medications, put the proper dosing directions there is NO room forError here at all whatsoever. Very long hours, drive up windows,

"That was last night. It was a multitasking nightmare at the drugstore corral. I went from technician duties to cashiering to pharmacist duties to filling the prescriptions to the drive-through to both prescription and over-the-counter counseling to cowpoke and everything and anything else that a combination pharmacist-technician-cashier might have to do.

If you're new to this game, I can tell you that it's no different in the 21st century from the way it was four decades ago. You're the golden child if this has never happened to you. It's better for your health if you fall down laughing rather than take it personally. If you indulge in resentment, you'll go home to your spouse and act badly. It is not his fault. Leave him alone. Go to your room if you can't be civil.

Working all alone in the evening has been an occasional part I learned that it took a particular talent to actually get the job done under bad circumstances, and I got some kind of perverted pleasure out of it. Having no help was one thing. A patient who is as mean bullies etc. Most places have guards at night now so no worries. long hours much schooling. You can do it. This is a great paying job you can open your own drug store too.