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Laura W. May 23, 2018 316 views

Which companies are the best to work for as a Pharmacist?

I am currently a pharmacy tech and I am going back to school to become a pharmacist. I am also a single mother so flexibility in schedule is important to me? Which companies offer the best benefits and salary with flexibility in schedule? #pharmacy #pharmacists #benefits #flexibility...


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Destiny N. Nov 01, 2018 316 views
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Kayleb S. Aug 06, 2019 142 views
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Jayda W. Dec 12, 2019 443 views
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Skyla T. Jan 27, 2020 158 views

What was most challenging about becoming A Pharmacy Technician?

HI my name is Skyla, I"m going to school to be a Pharmacy Technician and I've heard a lot of ups and downs being in that field such as remembering the Medicines names as well as dose age but I've also heard that it is very rewarding when it comes to knowledge about math and knowing some medical...

#pharmacist #medicine #pharmacy