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Does it actually need take a lot to become a pharmacist?

Asked Houston, Texas

Like is the process to becoming one difficult? #pharmacy #pharmacist #medicine #pharmaceuticals

2 answers

Allison’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

To become a pharmacist you need at least 2 years of undergraduate education in a science (chemistry, biology, ect) and then an additional 4 years of graduate pharmacy school to obtain your doctorate. After school you do have to take an exam to be a certified pharmacist as well. My husband went through this process and the education is long and difficult, but the career is rewarding.

Bohdan’s Answer

Updated New York, New York


It depends on the program!

Visit this website to learn more about American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Accredited universities and colleges:


There are programs that require some form or entry exam, some do not, some require an undergraduate degree, others do not. Check out the schools individual college admission requirement and their program breakdown for complete curriculum and requirements for graduation.

Regardless of the school there are a few exams you will have to take to become licensed when you graduate, check the requirements for the state you wish to practice in.

Bohdan recommends the following next steps:

  • Visit AACP Website for more information.
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