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Athena May 25, 2016 881 views

What is it really like to be a pharmacist? Is it boring? Do you feel like you're doing something rewarding? Is it worth the money?

A lot of people have told me to go into pharmacy, but I'm worried about feeling like it's a non-rewarding job, as well as messing up someone's prescription and potentially bringing them harm. - I'm a bit of a mess in science (chemistry and biology) lab classes. #medicine #biology #chemistry...

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Athena May 25, 2016 804 views

With technology advancing as fast as it is these days, which medical career is the smartest to go into, if any: doctor, pharmacist, dentist, radiologist ?

I want to go into a career in the medical field, but I also want to ensure that my job and degree will be useful to me twenty years down the road. #doctor #dentistry #doctorate-degree #pharmacists #bachelors-degree #masters-degree #medical-field #radiologist