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What can I do to motivate myself more?

Well I do stuff just not what I want or even if I want to I just don't feel happy about. motivation

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8 answers

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Brittany’s Answer

Is there anything you can identify that is leading to you not being motivated? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, and either way is okay. If yes, would start with remedying that first.

When I lose motivation, I try a few different things:
1. Make a list of things I need to get done, and tackle the 'easiest' or quickest things first. It gives me little wins, and lets me check something off the to do list quickly.
2. Go for a walk or a workout. This usually clears my head enough to motivate me to get stuff done
3. Mix up my surroundings. Try tackling your tasks in a different environment or in a different way than usual.
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James’s Answer

Spend more time thinking about what motivates you. Motivation isn't something that you can create on demand for any purpose but is something inside you that propels you to a result. Whether it's a particular subject, activity, or even a process that you enjoy working through, use that as a starting point. I would also encourage starting mindfulness exercises, it is a great way to help you think more clearly and learn the skills and techniques to avoid the thoughts that start dragging you down.
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Irene Beatriz’s Answer

Sometimes it's hard to look inside and find out what you want for yourself. In life, there are lot of things that we need to do that we don't want or we don't actually love - eat vegetables, for example, but we know we need to do it for living or for taking care of ourselves. You need to try to look back and remember times when you feel accomplished - this will help you to identify what are the activities that makes you feel complete.
Also, if you are not feeling motivated, it's always good to try to talk with someone you trust: your parents, your siblings, a good friend...For sure they will have a good point of view to share!
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David’s Answer

Hello Johnathan R.
Seek out inspirational people.
Surround yourself with people who will motivate you through their actions.
Develop a routine and schedule.
Be aware that change is not always comfortable.

David recommends the following next steps:

Allow your motivation to turn into discipline!
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Steward "Tony"’s Answer

Motivation is not the problem young man. It is commitment to something you want that you're having a tough time with. I have been phenomenally successful once I was committed to doing or getting something, I wanted done. If you motivate an idiot, what will you have? The answer is a motivated idiot, bouncing around motivated, but still an idiot.

As a kid from the streets of the S. Bronx, everyone motivated me, but I was still in the S. Bronx, in the streets. One day, a youth worker asked me to commit myself to a project along with a bunch of motivated people in my area, but they dropped out because it's hard to stay motivated if you are not committed. It's the commitment that motivates.

That commitment must be to yourself, not anyone else. Yes, others will benefit once you successfully reach your committed goals, and you will show them appreciation for their support, but you will no longer be a success at that point, that is, until you commit to a new goal.

Successful people commit to achieving goals. It will take you places you could only dream of now. One day you will get to look back and see the fruits of your commitment.

Make sure you become a leader as well, for if you reach the top alone, you have achieved really nothing at all. Thank the people in your life who reminded you of your commitment and help those motivated to finally commit themselves. Find something that you love doing and can realistically commit to your lifetime journey.
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Christine’s Answer

Hi Jonathan, I believe that being enthusiastic about something that you are doing and having the motivation to do it goes hand in hand. Yes, in life there are sometimes activities we have to complete which is time consuming and not exciting, however very necessary. I try and schedule time for these activities, doing it in small intervals and I try to find an element of the activity that is enjoyable. Motivation for me also goes hand in hand with setting goals and having a clearly defined "how to" plan with objectives and miles stones. Reaching smaller milestones also helps me to stay motivated.
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Brandon’s Answer

You have to learn from your past experiences with whatever is making you unhappy in order to deal with it. For example, try to dive deeper into it, WHY does it make you unhappy or something you don't want to do? Try to find the reason in why you don't want to do something or be unhappy about something. Ask yourself if this is something that can be avoided or it is something like a stepping stone or something that you would need to do eventually. Do some activities that you do like to get more motivated, or anything that would assist you to get into a positive mindset.
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Keith’s Answer

This is an answer I gave someone else --

The best way to drive Motivation no matter what you are doing is by one thing - Purpose. Why are you doing what you are doing? The more reasons you can find within yourself for doing something, the greater the chance you will succeed. We often put to great of focus on how or when we will do something, and tend to overlook the why. So examples could be:

Case 1
I am going to exercise. I am going to do it at least 4 days a week with two days cardio and 2 days lifting. I might even try to get in Yoga once or twice a week. I might even try to eat a little better while doing it, might help with losing weight also. That would be great.

Case 2
I am going to exercise - If I exercise
- I will have more energy to spend at work, but then also for when I get home.
- My clothes will fit better (saves my wallet not having to buy new clothes)
- I will feel better about myself, which will cause me to carry more confidence, which in turn will make me perform better.
- My friends all exercise, it will give me some common time to share with them.
- It will give me a chance to live longer and be there for my family.
- Mentally I will feel balanced which will allow me to focus on what I feel is important

I will leave it to you to decide which case 1 or 2 has the greater chance of success.