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What kind of training do i need to become a carpenter

I just want to know what it takes to become a well payed carpenter. construction

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3 answers

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Dee’s Answer

Yes. A carpenter is a trade and not part of the project management side. If you want to become a well paid carpenter, join a local union that has an apprenticeship program and learn in the field. Or get a job in a carpentry company and learn hands on. But either way you will have to start from the bottom and work yourself up. Once you learn how to be a good carpenter such laying out, framing and sheetrock etc, you can become a foreman .

Thank you very much for responding!! andre T.

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Victor’s Answer

A carpenter is an artisan, skilled in rough carpentry works and or finished carpentry which is very essential in the construction and post construction phase of projects, respectively.
To be a well paid carpenter you need to be skilled in the art. You have to be an apprentice and learn the art under a skilled carpenter that is vast in either rough carpentry or finished carpentry, depending on the one you wish to specialise in.
When you have acquired the practical skill, you can venture into the AEC industry. To be well paid you could establish a company or business in that line by registering with a cooperate body. This will enable you go for the big dogs and make your service look professional.

Thank very much! andre T.

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Claudia’s Answer

You can join a construction group or trade, and work your way up. You can attend college and get a degree in something like construction management. You can complete a carpenter's apprenticeship. Construction is one of those professions where you either have to be more on a management level, or own your own company to become wealthy.

Thank you very much!! andre T.