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Harmony D. Jun 01, 2021 420 views

What jobs are available right after college after having a minor in Human Resource Management?

I am a college sophmore with a goal of becoming a Human Resources Manager someday. human-resources...


Alitra A.’s Avatar
Alitra A. Jun 02, 2021 131 views

I plan on becoming an FBI Agent and I want to know what exactly would I have to study in college and for how many years will I have to study it.

I am not a very outspoken person so I feel that this job would be great for me to open up and explore new things since it's something I'm very interested in....


Tamekia B.’s Avatar
Tamekia B. Jun 04, 2021 145 views
Oliver S.’s Avatar
Oliver S. Jun 16, 2021 227 views

How prestigious is Baruch college in comparison to Ivy Leagues in terms of business studies?

I'm going to be a junior, and I'm hoping to attend a CUNY college; I want to be able to have an administrative position in business, potentially graduating Baruch with an MBA. I just want to know how a degree from this college would be perceived by companies. Thanks business...


Manning Y.’s Avatar
Manning Y. Jun 17, 2021 210 views

Is wanting to become an entrepreneur to make a lot of money the wrong reason for becoming one?

I'm in high school, and I don't come from the most financially stable family. I want to have a future where I can help others and make a lot of money while doing it. entrepreneur money...


Somaiya A.’s Avatar
Somaiya A. Jun 17, 2021 323 views

What skillsets should I cultivate during my time in undergrad?

Hello! I was wondering what sorts of skill sets I should be gathering during my time as an undergraduate that will be making me a great candidate for future jobs. job career...


Marc R.’s Avatar
Marc R. Jun 17, 2021 177 views

Should I work in psychology

I’m a extremely social person interested in psychology psychology...


Grace A.’s Avatar
Grace A. Jun 17, 2021 111 views

What are some career goals

I really love art and anything that has media,art, entertainment involved but I also like kids and working with them...


andre T.’s Avatar
andre T. Jun 24, 2021 128 views

What kind of training do i need to become a carpenter

I just want to know what it takes to become a well payed carpenter....