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What are some career goals

I really love art and anything that has media,art, entertainment involved but I also like kids and working with them art

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3 answers

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Richard’s Answer

Hi Grace!

This would be really rewarding if you could narrow it down where both the professional career and working with children merge into one. I would suggest street theatre/ theatre for children (specific to film and broadway), where you could work with focused community groups or schools and universities. This could involve anything from script writing to acting to direction, and nurturing them at a young age will set them on something they love.

Richard recommends the following next steps:

Find what holds your interest and equally rewarding
Research on what options you would have around your location (could include travel)
Figure out if your community can have such a program or not
Enrol with an art school
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Claudia’s Answer

You could look into being an art teacher at a preschool or elementary school, work for a children-focused nonprofit, look into social work, become a child therapist with a focus on art therapy, become a children's librarian....there are a ton of options available to you! I would recommend figuring out what sort of environment you want to work in (e.g., therapy and social work may be more stressful than teaching art). You could see if your area has a children's camp with an art program (or art therapy if it is a differently-abled camp) or volunteer at your local hospital or library.
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Neha’s Answer

Hi Grace, with your interests in media, art & entertainment, you have a whole range of options available for you. You can be a school teacher, enroll in an art school and look into being a designer/decorator. You can be an animation artist or do anything related to animation. You could consider teaching art/media in college/universities. You can be a freelancer and produce your own films/videos given you interest in entertainment.

You have an array of options given the broad scope of your interest, you should work on figuring out what type of work environment is most suited for you, or you are passionate about, and then pursue your career accordingly.