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What are some fun classes you can take in college?

I really want to take something fun in college. A class that gets me out of my comfort zone, yet i was fun while doing it. I was wondering what you guys would recommend? #college #career #classes #fun

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Stephani’s Answer

I took a "horror fiction" class my senior year that was awesome! We read books like "Dracula", "Pet Semetary", etc., and then learned about the meanings, writing styles, historical significance etc, of the stories. Whatever interests you, chances are you can find a class that deals with it or something similar! Every school will offer different electives, and you would have to look at the academic calendars of whatever school you decide to go to in order to see what is available to you at the time!

thank you !!! Jennifer P.

That's really cool! Teal K.

That is really cool Maeve K.

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