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What are some fun classes you can take in college?

I really want to take something fun in college. A class that gets me out of my comfort zone, yet i was fun while doing it. I was wondering what you guys would recommend? #college #career #classes #fun

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4 answers

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Stephani’s Answer

I took a "horror fiction" class my senior year that was awesome! We read books like "Dracula", "Pet Semetary", etc., and then learned about the meanings, writing styles, historical significance etc, of the stories. Whatever interests you, chances are you can find a class that deals with it or something similar! Every school will offer different electives, and you would have to look at the academic calendars of whatever school you decide to go to in order to see what is available to you at the time!

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Simeon’s Answer

Some of the funner classes offered by my undergrad university were about specific authors or time periods. For instance, they offered a class entirely devoted to the Chronicles of Narnia series. In graduate school, you sometimes can create a course for yourself at the direction of the staff. I was able to pursue studies of an old church movement from the 1700s called Pietism with one of the leading scholars on the topic who happened to be a professor at my graduate school.

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Rawan’s Answer

I took a theatre course and loved it! We used to watch plays and do reviews and discuss these in class (everything from the acting, costumes, makeup, to the lighting, sound effects, scene settings, etc). As our final exam, we were asked to split into groups and act out a scene from The Miser (by Moliere). One of our team members was responsible for the costume designs and another for the makeup. Our group was actually short of guys, so some of the girls had to play from the male characters including myself where I played the role of the cook Master Jacques and had to tuck my hair into the chef hat and had a moustache drawn on my face. We were also allowed to invite our friends (who were not part of the course) to come and attend the scenes in class. Would do this all over again!

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Dianna’s Answer

When looking for "fun" classes in college consider looking at physical education classes as many of these may push you out of your comfort zone even if you are athletic by nature. For example consider a dance class or a scuba diving class or perhaps even golf or yoga. Try something that you've never done before to push you out of your comfort zone. As other posters have mentioned the arts are another field of study where you can find "fun" classes. If you've never taken an art class or explored your artistic side, be patient with yourself as few people are "natural" artists. With time, technique, and guidance you'll definitely see growth from beginning of the class to the end and you'll meet new people in the process.