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SabinaCodman1 .’s Avatar
SabinaCodman1 . Jan 06, 2012 23184 views

What classes do i need to take in high school and college to become a doctor ?

My brother is studying to be a doctor and i want to be a doctor to or nurse. i want to study to become a...

TyanaCodman2 .’s Avatar
TyanaCodman2 . Sep 07, 2012 2326 views

What is the difference between a certified nurse and nurse practioner ?

Im asking this question because iam interested in becoming a nurse and working with doctors and patents. #medicine #nurse #healthcare #nurse-practitioner...


DejaCodman2 .’s Avatar
DejaCodman2 . Sep 09, 2012 3090 views

when becoming a nurse which degree is better to get first, MSN or BSN?

Hi, I am a sophomore who is interested in being a neonatal nurse. I know that obtaining a BSN takes longer so would it be best to start off with that one and obtain a MSN later when I am working to gain the experience that is needed? #nurse #healthcare #degree...


Laetitia Tiani V.’s Avatar
Laetitia Tiani V. Mar 01, 2013 2321 views

Is it better to take a gap year before or after college for an international program?

I am a high school senior interested in international health care. I would love to take a gap year and travel to help in a developing nation. However, I am not sure if such experience is better after gaining more knowledge with my undergrad or now, fresh out of high school. The program is...

#college #international #healthcare #gap-year

Alexis F.’s Avatar
Alexis F. Mar 10, 2014 1013 views

What tips do you have for a student pursuing a medical career? (Do's/Don'ts?)

I am a high school student and I want to know more about people and their experiences with a health/medical job. What are some challenges you have overcome as a doctor/nurse/physician? What tips do you have while studying in college to working in the workplace? Thank you! #college #doctor...

#experiences #advice #physician #medicine #nurse #high-school

Alexander N.’s Avatar
Alexander N. Mar 12, 2014 4431 views

How should I dress to an interview?

I am scared of looking bad and giving a bad first impression with the stuff I will wear. #career #jobs #interviews...


Nya C.’s Avatar
Nya C. Mar 25, 2014 1006 views

What is the difference between having your bachelors and masters in nursing?

I am a 17 year old senior. I know that I want to be a nurse, but I do not know what the difference between getting my bachelors and having a masters degree. I know that having a master's degree I get payed more, but I want to know exactly what is different in the work load. #nursing #degree...

#majors #bachelor #masters

Ahnahni D.’s Avatar
Ahnahni D. Mar 25, 2014 625 views

What should I major in if I want a career in physical therapy?

I want a career in that I can support people that are injured and hurt. #medicine #health...


Shana W.’s Avatar
Shana W. Mar 26, 2014 770 views

If I was to go to college for my Associate Degree in nursing, can I then go to another college for my Masters and become a Midwife?

I want to become a midwife nurse and the school that I am considering does not offer Masters in nursing, This school is my number one school that I want ot go to despite the major....


Khaliq S.’s Avatar
Khaliq S. Mar 26, 2014 712 views

How did you balance attending graduate school with having a social life?

I am an aspiring law student and I am worried about continuing social and spiritual obligations with attending courses in graduate school and especially studying for the bar exam...


Sasha E.’s Avatar
Sasha E. Mar 26, 2014 1032 views

What are some majors specific to being a Nurse Midwife?

I am looking forward to becoming a nurse midwife. I am about to enter my first year of college and I do not want to waste my time or money by signing up for an unnecessary course. I need support on my journey toward midwifery. #education #nurse-midwife...


Jasmine S.’s Avatar
Jasmine S. Mar 27, 2014 6315 views

How do you determine what type of nurse you should be?

I'm really interested in looking more into what it's like to be a nurse and the education and training needed to be one. I was just curious about how someone decides what nurse to be since there are so many different kinds or positions that you can take. Do you just get your bachelor's and...

#nurse-midwife #medicine #neonatal #hospital #nurse #nurse-practitioner #nursing

Arliene A.’s Avatar
Arliene A. Apr 02, 2014 36401 views

What are some pros and cons to becoming a registered nurse?

I'm thinking about becoming one and would love to hear more about your experiences and thoughts on the career! #nurse #jobs #hospitals #nursing...


Jennifer M.’s Avatar
Jennifer M. Apr 03, 2014 870 views

Should you choose a career that you enjoy or that is beneficial to get money?

I'm a teenage girl in New York City who doesn't really know what career she should take....