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How do I become a journalist?

I like to write, and read. journalism writing

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3 answers

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Brittany’s Answer

You can start writing and researching now, while you are a student. Look for opportunities to write articles for your school newspaper, community newspaper and on-line blogs. Check with non-profits for opportunities to write for their newsletters. Look for opportunities that match your interests - such as current affairs, sports, movies, etc. Good luck!
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Victoria’s Answer

Hi Joellyn,

I am glad you are interested in becoming a journalist. I studied journalism for undergrad in college and earned a bachelors degree. That is one pathway, however there are other pathways to becoming a journalist. One way to learn which path is best for you is to ask what type of journalist you want to become (e.g. print journalist vs. broadcast journalist), then research what education and experience is needed for that job.
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Brandon’s Answer

The most important thing is to write for different organizations or people to build a portfolio for your writing. There are many places that require you to have a degree of some sort for the most part, but there are some people that do not have a degree and are able to make a living out of journalism. Though that being said, having a degree does help you land a job in more cases rather than not. I am only saying that a degree is not all you need. Experience and samples are what will help your career skyrocket.