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nisha P. Jun 28, 2019 247 views

what job hires 16 years olds and has flexible hours?

I need a second job. I have one job, but I do not work everyday. So on the days I do not work my first job, I can work my second job and earn double money....


Jaheim P.’s Avatar
Jaheim P. Jun 26 24 views

Do you like being a Paraprofessional?

I’m interested in becoming a Para teacher # teaching education...


malcolm S.’s Avatar
malcolm S. Nov 22 35 views

What are good companies for game designing that i should look up on?

I want to prepare for my future and know what type of game designing companies i should keep an eye on...


Andrew P.’s Avatar
Andrew P. Nov 23 69 views

What should I look forward to in my first month of Job Corps?

job-search job-search I'm 17 i love fishing, working with my hands, going to church, and spending time with my girlfriend....