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what career i can go for as a commerce without math student

I am good in drawing and have nice speaking skills, interested in watching korean dramas as I love english ,not good in maths and looking high salary job also looking for computer related job like web designing or graphic designing
financial-planning animation

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2 answers

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Gunjan’s Answer

Hello there!
Given your interests, I'd suggest that you first aim for upskilling yourself. You've already identified some skills that you can acquire based on your creative interests, so pursue and fortify by browsing the courses offered by some of the good colleges. Look for colleges that offer courses as well as placement opportunities, and also try to get a degree vs. a diploma or certification.

You do not necessarily have to like or study Mathematics if creative expression is your strength. :)

Good luck.
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Sal’s Answer

Explore some options in the field of journalism. This could open doors with major networks, very lucrative career.