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Briana Oct 27, 2020 629 views

How do I become a OBGYN?

What types of degrees would I need to begin my path for nursing? How much money would all of this cost? Lastly how long would residency be for and are you able to be an internship at a hospital? #veterinary #money #scholarships #finance

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Antonio Mar 01, 2021 642 views

How much money can i make majoring in sports management?

#income #money #salary

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namya Jun 28, 2021 466 views

what career i can go for as a commerce without math student

I am good in drawing and have nice speaking skills, interested in watching korean dramas as I love english ,not good in maths and looking high salary job also looking for computer related job like web designing or graphic designing
#financial-planning #animation

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Marlene Mar 19, 2019 1502 views

What is a major i should study if i like to build things and try and design things.

I like to build things
I like to decorate things
I like to design things #graphic-design #interior-design