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What is a major i should study if i like to build things and try and design things.

I like to build things
I like to decorate things
I like to design things #graphic-design #interior-design

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2 answers

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John’s Answer

Hi Marlene,

Commercial Architectural Designer is one option

An architectural designer focuses on the style of the building. Some architectural firms are known for distinctive design styles while other firms concentrate on designs based on individual projects. Architectural designers may derive their ideas solely based on the client’s desires or the client may give the architect more artistic freedom.

Many architectural designers work in the design studios of larger firms. This type of employment requires the ability to share design ideas, listening carefully to other professionals and communicate ideas articulately. Within these design studios, an architectural designer will have to brainstorm, develop models and present unique design proposals. An architectural designer may perform all or some of the following tasks:

• Listen and communicate with the client about prospective ideas;
• Brainstorm creative design plans;
• Develop models, by hand and/or utilizing computer software;
• Interact with other designers and architects;
• Present design proposals; and
• Follow up with design work as building progresses.

Architectural designers must reflect high levels of creativity within the parameters of structure and building requirements. The best architects communicate well with clients and other professionals, work effectively in a team setting and readily adapt as changes need to be made.

Growth in the architectural field is expected to be at least 16% over the next decade, as indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This growth rate is higher than many other professions. The greatest need for architects is anticipated to be in those with higher levels of education. “Green” architectural designers should have a strong advantage in the future job market.

The average annual salary for architects is around $70,000.

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andy’s Answer

Hi Marlene,

It sounds like you should look into a degree for architect, interior design, industrial design or graphic design. The nice thing about going to an art school is those things can bleed into each other but you will have to focus in one. If you are in high school focus on good grades and develop a portfolio in the arts department and try shop classes.