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i want to be an interior designer but i dont know what subjects i need to get into a design college, any help?

i want to be an interior designer, i dont really know what subjects i need for interior design, im planning on taking chemistry, human biology, geography, art, english, english literature and then other subjects that are mandatory so they dont matter.
any advice on which ones i should take? thank you.
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2 answers

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Yazan’s Answer


What type of interior designer you envision to be? A residential one or a commercial one?

For both you need:

1- Space Design
2- Materiales and textures
3- CAD
5-Anything to do with structures including Furniture
6- Lighting
7- The obvious interior styling or decorations

For comercial spaces

You can add

Story Telling
Window Design
Visual Merchandising
Retail Management

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Andrika’s Answer

For sure my advice you should take major interior design, or design class

thank you for the advice! Nada H.