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Once you become a actor How do you become a good actor?

Cause when im a actor soon if i can i would need to try my hardest as if i was in actually acting i don't know what to do cause im nervous when it the first so what is the first step to do when it comes to acting? acting career film-acting actor

Thank you so much Vanessa for the Advice it really was helpful Noel C.

Hi noel, I am carlos Rodriguez majored on theatre. I am a casting director and stage manager from New York. If you want you can contact me on my Instagram @carlo_arod, make sure to put your name so I can know it is you since I get a lot of dm daily. i can help you with it and have you do auditions. Remember yourself is gonna make you a good actor! Carlos Rodriguez

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2 answers

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Vanessa’s Answer

Hi Noel,

This is a question with many possible answers and opinions. When you say "become" an actor this can look differently for each individual. Some people choose to pursue acting professionally, some as a hobby, some may study acting and then that leads them down another path, some people practice acting for a while and then become teachers of the craft... and so many more paths are out there. Actors have to be quick on their feet, openminded, good at memorization, willing to ask for and accept critique and criticism, and comfortable with failure. Being an actor at any level can provide you with many important life skills in general and no matter what path you choose to take, or that life ultimately puts you on it can never hurt to pursue the things you enjoy and are passionate about. Also, to your question about being a "good" actor.... everyone will have their opinion about what that means, and who is good/talented/gifted or not. All you can do is learn the craft, study hard, try your best, and most importantly have fun while doing it. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to be "good," but feeling good about your accomplishments or performances is what really matters.

For reference this is what my journey looked like... I started acting at a very young age in school and would record myself with my siblings doing silly videos at home. I had my first audition for a school musical when I was 13 and I didn't get cast... the next year I was cast in the chorus of the musical. I took my first drama class in high school while also participating in musicals and show choir. I did some community theater after high school and participated in a theater troop in college, and then I decided to have a minor in theater in college. I then decided to go to grad school for acting and directing. After grad school I auditioned a little bit but didn't have much success. I worked at an amusement park one summer as a performer but that's the only official acting job I ever had. The rest were more hobby roles/gigs. I interned as a theater camp counselor after grad school which led to my first full time job working for a not-for-profit arts education organization in NYC. That led me to work at a private school in NYC that had a strong focus on the arts. And I've not really pursued acting for a while now, but I still enjoy the arts in general and my acting studies have really made me who I am today.

Good luck on your journey!

Vanessa recommends the following next steps:

Read books about acting and watch training videos online or interviews with famous actors/directors
Sign up for small group classes or a one-on-one acting coach/mentor
Take improvisation/improv classes to help get you comfortable letting go of inhibitions/nerves while performing
Participate in local community theater or theater groups at school
If after all those you still want to really pursue acting then you could choose to go to college for acting and/or start to go on auditions
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Eric’s Answer

Noel, the first step when becoming an actor is going to be putting yourself out there. Once you have done this and only after you have done this will you allow yourself to be a good actor. We learn from vulnerable moments, trial and error, and hard work and you need to go through these motions in order to improve