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When to take the SAT Junior Year?

I've taken the SAT once, during june of my Sophomore year. I am planning on taking it again, but I am not sure what time (or how many times) I should take it this year.

My latest score is in the 1300's range.

Thank you for your help,
Jeffery P

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1 answer

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Reva’s Answer

Hi Jeffery,

You have a nice beginning score on your first SAT...well done! I recommend minimally taking the January SAT. I also recommend that you consider taking the ACT. After you have taken both tests once, you can concentrate your preparation on the test where you can excel the most.Kahn Academy is a great resource for SAT test preparation.

The higher the test score, the higher your potential for merit aid. Additionally, you want to have a score that gives you the best chance for admissions at the colleges on your list. Having said that, there is a point to stop taking the ACT and or SAT. If you continue to get close to the same score, you need to consider giving yourself permission to stop taking the tests.

Good luck!