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What are some things to know if i want to be in the fashion industry?

I’m a junior in high school and i enjoy drawing clothes. fashion art

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1 answer

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Himalee’s Answer

Dear Asha,
An out of the box thinking and a lateral approach towards problem solving is the basic quality that a design aspirant should possess.
The fashion world is highly competitive, and having a solid knowledge base is very important and it can put you a cut above the rest. For e.g. if your interests lie in fashion designing, focus on learning more about the craft, from sewing patterns to embroidery. Research various fashion history, articles/ projects to gain basic knowledge of the fashion cycle, which can inspire your future designs.
Try & seek an internship, Entry-level jobs may not be glamorous, but they are significant career opportunities that add crucial knowledge to your understanding.
Lastly, consider what you are passionate about and pursue that path. Without passion, you can quickly burn out or lose interest . This passion is an essential part of your skillset, and you will need to make sure you communicate it clearly if you want to land a fashion job.

Good luck!

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