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What do I need to know becoming a artist

I’m in high school and I love art. Drawing and painting is best for me artist highschool

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2 answers

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Rebecca’s Answer, Admin

Hi Keziyah!

It's awesome to hear you want to have a creative career. My first recommendation would be to go wild with your imagination and make a lot of art! Try to find ways to take high quality photos of the ones you are most proud of and turn that into a portfolio/look book that you could easily share with others. It's always important to self-promote and make sure you are sharing your art with others.

It is important for artists to use Instagram to both post your own art and as a way to connect with other artists. I have found that as an artist, building your network is extremely important for motivation, inspiration, and promotion. Artists love helping each other, but you need to put yourself out there to do that!

Hope this is a helpful start!

Rebecca, Team recommends the following next steps:

Take photos of your best art pieces
Create an art portfolio that you can easily share with others
Post photos of your art to Instagram
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Shifa’s Answer

I absolutely love your drive! I have a few friends that adore art and have chosen some great fields to pursue.

To begin with, I would start a portfolio. Take pictures of your best work! I would then understand what type of art inspires you. Fortunately, there are many art-related fields in our world today. Ask yourself what type of work inspires and motivates you. Whether it be every single aspect or digital, 2D, 3D art, there's an area of study for each.

To build experience, I would recommend seeing if there are internships or volunteer opportunities that could allow you to work directly in the field. This could be in a museum or alongside of a local artist, whichever would be beneficial in networking and building your skills.

I hope this helps you get started! I cannot wait to see what you accomplish.