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what are the best classes to become an anesthesiologist

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Deborah ! To be an anesthesiologist you need to go to medical school but before you attend you need to receive an undergraduate education and a Bachelor's to apply. As an undergraduate you can be any major and go to medical school but there are classes to take to apply to the program. These are biology (1 yr), chemistry both inorganic-general (1 yr) and organic (1yr) physics (1 yr), math (calculus A and statistics or both calculus), biochemistry (1 semester) and English (1 yr) and other recommended courses like sociology/psychology, genetics, Spanish, ethics, etc. Biochemistry is sometimes replaced by organic chemistry II (the later half of the 1st yr) but I highly recommend to take it because it will show up on the MCAT and medical school concepts. If you are a high school student, I would recommend to take AP classes such as AP bio, AP chem, AP physics, as well as anatomy and physiology. These can give you a better understanding for the field academic wise. If you are in college, visit your prehealth office and seek out a premed adviser, and speak with them about the classes to take. Usually, there is a sheet outside their office listing the required and recommended classes. In addition obtain experience as a premed, through shadowing (maybe an anesthesiologist if you know one) and through volunteering. It is really important to medical school, so stick with a couple activities, make meaningful connections and showcase that commitment to talk about in essays/interviews!

Please let me know if you have any other questions!
I wish you the best!

Two side notes:
1). begin to check out MedicalSchool head quarters with Dr.Gray, and AAMC/AACOMAS for your premed questions/path!
2) For physics there are two types, one is college and one is university, the only DIFFERENCE is college is more algebra-based while university is calculus-based so it's truly a math preference. Some students take university because they like calc and others take college because they like algebra and it seems more familiar.

I forgot to say English class as well which is 1 year! Yasemin G.