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When applying to a college with an art major, what would make an appealing portfolio?

I want to go to a college with a major along the art subject, but I don't actually know what kind of art would colleges be looking for (whether the work should be realistic or not). I would like some tips to help me build up my portfolio, although there could be some colleges that don't require one. #college #art #application #portfolios

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2 answers

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Vivian’s Answer

Hi Julie,
Great question. Most schools (city, state, and universities) don't require a portfolio in order to enter the school. They will actually help you build yours as you attend. For private schools, that's another animal. They might want to see your work, to see how your compare to other potential schools. I agree with Angela, show your best work, whatever that might be. I have friends that love photography, so they show their photography work. Drawing, they show their sketches and illustrations. The best thing you can do, if you don't have anything yet, is to pick up a drawing book and start sketching. Or go to tutorial sites like psdtuts.com.
Good luck, Vivian

Thank you for the suggestion! How do private schools compare your work? Julie M.

How do private schools compare at my work. There are definitely advantages at going to a private school, smaller class sizes and more focus from the teacher. My biggest issue was how I would pay for it. A lot of my friends, who were in art and went to private schools graduated with debt. I, growing up in a low income family, decided to work part-time go to school full-time and come out debt-free. I'm thankful that I was able to do that, but the disadvantages was that I stayed in college longer than others. Here's an article to help: http://qz.com/180247/why-google-doesnt-care-about-hiring-top-college-graduates/ Vivian Urata

Thanks Vivian this is really interesting! Savera B.

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Angela Theresa’s Answer

The rule of thumb is to show your best work. The good news is it doesn't have to be perfect, as schools/colleges want to guide you...if you're already perfect, thete's nothing to teach you!

Of course, you are talented in your originality! And colleges love talented and original artists.

Thank you for the advice! Do you also receive feedback upon presenting your work? Julie M.

Thanks, Angela! Sage K.

Thank you for the advice! Matt G.