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How do you persuade your parents into letting you attend a selective out of state university?

My parents at the moment have forbidden me from choosing a university that is more than an hour away due to the fact that I have to live at home with them. I want to know that should I get into a really good university that happens to be farther away how do I convince my parents that the best thing is to let me go. #university #college-selection #parent-communication #persuasion

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Hi Nada,

It is very important for you to reason out why you want to pursue college away from home.And then put these reasons on table for discussion.I suggest you can make an analysis on all advantages like funds for education (mention if there is any chance of sponsorship) ,job placements and value addition to your job from this university.Quote some live examples to support your views. You can also put in thoughts on your parents feedback and see why they want you near home....I am sure evry parents do wish the best for their kids.Good luck!

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Hi Nada, I think the approach contained in Madhu's is sound, because it focuses on why that school is the school for you. However, I would also consider making an argument that focuses on the actual distance from home as being a strength in its own right. My parents actually made it a requirement that all kids must go to a school that was more than 2 hours away. They thought that independence was one of the most valuable lessons that you learn in college (if not the most valuable lesson). This perspective was guided by their own college experiences and solidified when they had us kids go away to volunteer or do summer school in various locations across the country and globe. They were always surprised by the growth in our maturity after each trip. With that in mind, you may also want to ask you parents to let you enroll in a similar summer school or volunteering program. If it goes well, it will bolster your case and bring into view the advantages and disadvantages. It may also get them used to the idea of you not living with them. Thanks and good luck, Bobby
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