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What are some ways to job shadow someone?

I know that at my age there are little to no volunteering opportunities or internships or the like in the field that I want to get a taste of. So I am wondering if there are any OB/GYNs who are available to job shadow or if someone knows how to ask someone if they would be willing to be shadowed for a little. #jobs #obstetrics #gynecology #job-shadowing

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Ken’s Answer

Talk to your school counselor about coop and intern and shadowing programs that might be available. Talk to the head of alumni relations at your school to meet and talk to graduates of your school who are doing what you think you want to do. Talk to your doctor to see how you can shadow. Such person to person inquiries will be most effective especially during this holiday season when everyone is in a festive mood. When you go to social functions let everyone that you can know of your interest and assistance may come from the most unlikely source. Best of luck. Let me know if and how this helps.

Thanks for the wonderful advice Ken!!! I will definitely be looking into this! :) Nada D.

You are welcome. The more people who know about your interest the more possibility of help. Wish you the best Ken Simmons