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R Sep 15, 2014 1463 views

What career suits me best??

For my a-levels, i'm currently studying chemistry, physics, maths and econs. My ambition is to be an architect but i didn't take art for alevels, I really do love and enjoy designing and maths. What other alternative careers are there? Or is it still okay to be an architect without taking art?...

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Rai'mond Oct 29, 2015 1113 views

How do you get a good paying job

Cause I want a job good paying #jobs #new

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah May 16, 2016 987 views

What are future jobs looking for in college grads?

What should I get involved in in college that will stand out on a job application after college? #college #jobs

Nada’s Avatar
Nada Dec 26, 2016 1211 views

What are some ways to job shadow someone?

I know that at my age there are little to no volunteering opportunities or internships or the like in the field that I want to get a taste of. So I am wondering if there are any OB/GYNs who are available to job shadow or if someone knows how to ask someone if they would be willing to be...

Susan’s Avatar
Susan Feb 09, 2021 438 views

If I want to do Trust and Estate Paralegal work, what type of employers should I target for a job?

Paralegal Technical Diploma
BA Degree Accounting