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What career suits me best??

For my a-levels, i'm currently studying chemistry, physics, maths and econs. My ambition is to be an architect but i didn't take art for alevels, I really do love and enjoy designing and maths. What other alternative careers are there? Or is it still okay to be an architect without taking art? If so, after a levels, should i take art and design foundation for a year? Help please #art #architect #careers #maths #a-levels

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Holly’s Answer

Good Day R.W.
Thank you for the question! What are your likes and dislikes about a career? Have you thought about what interest you the most as far a working in a specific field of study?
I suggest for you to begin with writing down a list of pros and cons about each field of study that interest you.
Furthermore, figure out how much of an investment that you would like to put forth as far as how much college and time you are willing to do for a great opportunity in a great field of study? If you decide that you are unsure of what you want to do general education is an option for you until you decide you majors and minors of colleges and universities. In todays world we have ever so many options of study,that are ready and available for students today.
I think what I would do is some research in each area that you have chosen to research,then you can find out what the day is like for a person working in the field that you have chosen to research. You can ask questions like “What is a full day’s work look like for an individual in Mathematics, architect, or art?

For sure I would choose art as a minor because the demand is just not there for artist unless you’re really proficient or have a great niche in the field of art. Art is fun, creative however artist are unemployed on the median according to stats, So primarily or at the least never stray away from a talent of art. If you feel that you have the drive for creativity that is a wonderful art to have. Another career field you can look into as far as art and math are combined is 3D animation graphics, web development graphics, anything that has math and art are beautiful in results in this field of study such as cartoon characters, movies, animation, graphic designer graphic engineering, so you have many choices in art too if you so choose. I do wish you the very best of luck in whatever fields that you decided will be great!

Hello Holly! Thanks so much for your reply. I'm not really into cartoon characters or animations but i would like to do some sort of engineering that uses design, maths and physics and architect seems to be a good choice. I am a little bit unsure about being an architect since i can't really find a suitable university which is well known as well as giving good opportunities to young architects. Thank you for some reference, i will list out everything and hopefully make up my mind by then! R W.

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