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What are some good jobs to start out with for the experience?

Asked La Verne, California

I want to find a job that is compatible with high school hours and homework but gives some job experience. The pay doesn't matter per say but above minimum wage would definitely be a plus. #jobs #high-school-students #high-school-jobs

1 answer

Aparna’s Answer

Updated California, California

You can find jobs in the fast food industry or local stores as they are looking for students like you. You can work on the weekends or certain days of the week. As a high school student you should not work more than 20 hours a week. Check out your career center at school if they post any postings for local jobs for teens. If you are a junior or senior and if you are academically high functioning, you could also look for tutoring jobs. Kumon is always looking for math tutors.

Thank you for the advice Aparna!